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DimTec 3D Services

Laser 3D Scanning is the ultimate tool for architects, engineers and designer to do their work faster and of higher quality than ever before. Take advantage of it today by choosing one of our services.

3D Laser Scanning Services


If you only need 3D Laser Scanning once in a while, this is the perfect option for you. Our user-friendly online platform allows requesting a quote by filling out a simple form. If you are happy with our offer, you can easily proceed to booking the service and taking advantage of:

  • Professional service, performed by experts using the latest technology.

  • Availability anywhere, anytime – we are ready to travel and work on location to provide you with what you need.

  • Excellent customer support. We don’t just finish the work and go – we care about the results you need and make sure you get them!

Request a quote for 3D Laser Scanning of your project

FARO Equipment Rental


If you need professional 3D Laser Scanning services on regular basis, what may be more cost and time-efficient for you is our Laser Scanning Equipment Rental alternative. We will help you choose the right machine for your needs and offer you flexible duration options.

You should know that renting our equipment comes with:

  • Access to top-of-the-line technology at a reasonable price

  • A guarantee by the manufacturer that, should something go wrong, they can send a replacement unit anywhere in the states

  • A long-term partnership with technology experts

Request more information about our Laser Scanning Equipment Rental service and tell us specifically what you need

Training on 3D Laser Scanning


Whether you’ve decided to rent our laser scanners or you are interested in purchasing one for your ongoing needs, our Extensive Training on How to Use 3D Laser Scanners service is an opportunity you shouldn’t miss. Our course is currently divided into two parts:

  • Part 1: How To Scan

  • Part 2: How To Register The Data

When booking a course with us, you can expect us to:

  • Provide it on location – we come to your office, for your convenience

  • Teach you and your employees to make the best out of this modern technology

  • Customize the training process according to the specific characteristics of your organization  and type of business

We also offer extended help to all our graduates, which means you can contact us with any questions, any time after the training is over.


Request more information about our Extensive Training on how to use 3D Laser Scanner and proceed with booking

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