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Great work can only come from great partnerships. Here are just a few of the amazing Projects that allow us to come to work every day and push our boundaries. 

Historical Preservation


At DimTec 3D we believe strongly in digitally preserving History for generations to come. With over a decade of experience in Historic Preservation we make sure to capture history in its full presents. 


Observing surroundings with the attention to detail is what sets DimTec 3D apart. We convert complex structures to pinpoint accurate Data that makes any project a success.

Industrial & Construction

Here at DimTec 3D we are engaged strongly in the Industrial and Mechanical communities.

We strive on using the latest breakthrough technologies that makes the work in the field more accessible and accurate.



As technology keeps defining itself we challenge ourselves and our Team to new Levels. DimTec 3D is always pioneering for new ways to use High Definition Laser Scanning in unconventional environments.

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